2018 Workshops

All workshops last 60 or 90 minutes, except those with Niklas Roswall and Ian Carr which run parallel and last for 120 minutes. You are welcome to download the official programme booklet which includes summaries of the most important information about all contributing musicians, their workshops and more.

Following musicians will give workshops at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2018 in Lund:

Adriano Sangineto (IT): Harp for dancing

Anna Fält (FI/SE): Finnish archaic tradition

Anouk Platenkamp (NL): Dutch folk music

Anouk Platenkamp (NL) & Triin Hio (EE): Therapeutic harp music

Chris Foster (UK/IS) & Bára Grímsdóttir (IS): Icelandic folk music

Clotilde Trouillaud (FR): Breton folk music

Erik Ask-Upmark (SE): Fun With Scales in Swedish folk music

Henrik Hummel & Monica Schön (SE): Singing for both kids and adults

Ian Carr (SE/UK): Accompanying Swedish folk music on the guitar (with transfer to all other stringed instruments capable of accompaniment)

Jochen Vogel (D): An approach to metal-strung harps

Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch (UK): Accompany like a Viking – ditch those modern chords!

Maria Ojantakanen (FI/DK): Folk songs of the supernatural

Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa (NO): Norwegian folk music

Niklas Roswall (SE): Swedish tunes on the Nyckelharpa (all melody instruments welcome!)

Niss Stricker (DK): Danish 18th century folk music with tunes by Rasmus Storm

Polina Sharonova & Sergey Azarov (RUS): Russian folk music

Triin Hio & Kaisa Nõges (EE): Estonian folk music

Václava van der Meijs (CZ): Harp for beginners

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