Jochen Vogel

Jochen Vogel is one of the pioneers playing the ancient Irish metal-strung harp cláirseach (pronounced “Klarshakh”). An instrument extinct for almost 200 years and going through an unexpected renaissance during the last 40 years. Unlike other “metal harp” players, he focuses less on the historical repertoire, but tries to establish the ancient instrument in modern settings. Known for his expressive style of playing, Jochen’s music is innovative and modern and his technique rock solid. He enjoys exploring new sounds on his harp such as blade changing, muffling, note bending and using vibrato to develop a distinctively personal musical language, which he uses both in instrumental music and song. In his workshop, Jochen will draw on several decades’ worth of playing the wirestrung harp, sharing stories, tips and tunes. It will be interesting for other instruments, too. Jochen may be considered a “harpists’ harpist” but in fact his way of playing tends to be very “unharpistic” at times!

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The BirdHouse
How likely is a meeting of two players of an instrument, extinct a little more than 200 years ago and professionally played by only 20-30 people worldwide? How less likely is it, that they decide to team up and form a duo, when their instruments have been used mostly as a solo instrument until now? Cláirseach-players Katja Hütte and Jochen Vogel have done just that. And they boldly mix Celtic, German and Scandinavian Folk with Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz and whatever’s good for your heart and soul. The unique combination of two Cláirseachs opens new musical horizons, which become almost endless, when Katja’s Nyckelharpa adds drones and haunting melodies. And Jochen rounds up the mix with a heavy dose of lap slide guitar and a little bit of musical saw here and there. And they both sing, too!

Katja Hütte – Cláirseach, Nyckelharpa, Kantele and Voice

Jochen Vogel – Cláirseach, Voice, Lap Slide Guitar and Musical Saw




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