Nordic Harp Meeting 2019

DATE: 24 – 27 October 2019
PLACE: Tingbygningen på Hunn, Hunnsvegen 29, 2819 Gjøvik, Oppland, Norway (click here for a map).


Confirmed contributors to the Nordic Harp Meeting 2019:
Erik Ask-Upmark, Turid Berge Endrerud, Stefan Battige, Ove Berg, Josef Berger, Heather Downie, Yrjänä Ermala, Rebecca Harrison, Tone Hulbækmo, Elisabeth Kværne, Andy LowingsVáclava van der Meijs, Anita Wizina Nielsen, Kaisa Nõges, Maria Ojantakanen, Anouk Platenkamp, Gøril Ramo Håve, Tim Rohrmann, Henrik Hummel Schön, Monica Schön, Marit Steinsrud, Polina Sharonova & Sergej Azarov, Stein Villa, Patrik Weckman, Angela Westphal, Helena Wright.

A preliminary programme will come shortly (Stein is working on it right now). there will be workshops and lectures and evening concerts and a lot of time for allspel and dancing.


Stay tuned for more updates later this year…

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