The Nordic Harp Meeting is an annual gathering / conference for those who play, build, research or simply like older, and often rather unusual, musical instruments such as the harp, lyre, kantele, langeleik, hummel, stråkharpa, nyckelharpa and other weird instruments in northern Europe. (Over the years the spectrum has widened, and indeed all instruments are welcome.) We meet to get acquainted with each other, learn and teach tunes, play music together and talk about matters related to the history of these instruments and their traditions. Everybody is welcome, no matter if you are advanced musician or beginner, professional or just curious!

In the previous years, the programme included workshops and lectures, ensemble playing and jam sessions, concerts, dancing and storytelling. We encourage active participation by meeting other musicians, discovering other music traditions, and learning from them.

Why is it called a “harp” meeting? (read more)

NHM logo,  designed by Jana Šouflová

logo designed by Jana Šouflová

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