Stein Villa

Stein Villa at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2008 (foto: Floris van der Meijs)

Stein Villa plays many instruments which have earlier been a part of Norwegian music tradition, e.g. the Norwegian folk harp (“bondeharpe”), the plucked lyre, the bowed lyre, the langeleik, the bagpipes and many more. He tries to bring these instruments into use again, since they represent sound possibilities which are not present in today’s folk music instruments. Stein is also a flute maker, specialised on bone flutes, and he likes to explore which possibilities are hidden inside every musical instrument.

Stein and his wife Marit have been at most Nordic Harp Meetings so far, represented the Norwegian langeleik tradition, and led the allspel with Norwegian folk tunes. They have organised the marvellous NHM 2010 and NHM 2014 and this year, they will organise it for the third time in Gjøvik.

Workshop: Norwegian dance tunes from the langeleik tradition with Stein Villa & Marit Steinsrud

The langeleik (also called langharpe) is a fretted zither instrument with one melody string and additional drone strings, which has a tradition in Norway dating back at least to the 16th century. A lot of ancient Norwegian tunes survived to our days in this langeleik tradition. From this corpus of langeleik music, Stein sometimes transfers tunes to his Norwegian harp. In this workshop for intermediate/advanced musicians, you will learn some langeleik tunes and transfer them to your instrument. The tunes have traditionally been both sung and played for dancing. This includes the dances halling, springar and reinlender.

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