Niklas Roswall & Ian Carr

Niklas Roswall: Swedish melodies on the nyckelharpa (for all melody instruments)

Ian Carr: Accompanying Swedish folk music on the guitar (with transfer to other stringed instruments)

Together with Skånes Spelmansförbund, we are happy to offer these workshops with two famous musicians of the Swedish folk scene: Ian Carr, the English guitarist who moved to Sweden in the early 2000’s and has played with practically everyone, and Niklas Roswall, official World Champion of the Nyckelharpa and known from groups such as Ranarim and Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall.

Their workshops are aimed at experienced players on all instruments and offer an in-depth look at what makes Swedish folk music “tick”!
Note that both workshops will run in parallel, so you have to choose one of them.

Niklas will focus on the melodies, focusing on ornamentation and how to bring out the inherent “groove” in traditional tunes, while Ian takes care of different accompanying styles for a traditional tune by emphasizing its harmonies and intrinsic rhythm, and while he plays the guitar, the principles can be applied on other accompanying instruments as well.

Later in the evening there will be an opportunity for both workshop groups to play the tunes together, as well as with Ian and Niklas!

For more information about the two musicians, visit their websites:

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