Monica Schön & Henrik “Hummel”

Workshop: Cumulative folk songs. We will teach some Swedish folk songs first and then we will jointly get entangled in different variants from different places and from different directions.

Monica och Henrik

Monica Schön knows lots of traditional folk songs and ballads and was singing some of them at late night sessions on previous Nordic Harp Meetings.

Henrik “Hummel” Schön is one of the very few Swedes who play the hummel, the Swedish relative of the Norwegian langeleik and Icelandic langspil.

Together they gave a workshop in Swedish ballads and Faroese-style ballad dancing at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2015 in Turku, Finland, and they held song workshops (visstuga) at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2018 in Lund.


Henrik playing hummel at the NHM 2013 in Järna, Sweden. (Foto Erik Ask-Upmark)

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