Erik Ask-Upmark

WORKSHOP 2019: Fun with scales in Nordic folk music
Yes, yes, I know – playing scales sound about as inviting as root canal work. But it doesn’t have to be! Erik will show you how to easily set your harp in a specific scale, or “key”, or “mode” – you will also learn the difference between these terms – and learn how to instantly get that “Nordic” sound in your playing! You’ll learn different modes from different regions and what separates them – and experience the totally different flavours they each create. We will also try out some improvisation in the Nordic style! Remember to bring a recording device/app.

Erik Ask-Upmark is one of very few harpists focusing on Scandinavian music on the Celtic harp. He has released one solo album with Swedish folk music on solo harp (the critically acclaimed “Himlens Polska”) and is featured on many more recordings, in genres ranging from folk to heavy metal! He is a Swedish riksspelman who also plays the bagpipes, organ, grammophone and various other instruments. He performs early music and Nordic roots music both as a soloist and with the groups Svanevit and Dråm (as well as occasionally with large ensembles such as Concerto Copenhagen and Ensemble Mare Balticum) and tours all over the world.

Erik has been an essential ingredient of most of the previous Nordic Harp Meetings. Click here to read details on some of the workshops he gave on various occasions.

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