Erik’s harp workshops

WORKSHOP (2018): Swedish folk music and Fun With Scales

Yes, I know – playing scales sounds about as exciting as doing root canal work. But it doesn’t have to be! Erik will show you how to easily set your harp in a specific scale, or “key”, or “mood” – you will also learn the difference between these terms – and learn how to instantly get that “Nordic” sound in your playing!

WORKSHOP (2017): Swedish tunes – And Silly Harp Tricks

Join Erik and learn some new Swedish folk tunes adapted for the harp – as well as a couple of things you can do with your harp that you may not have thought of before. You will learn (among other things) how to change the sound and extend the range of your harp, bend notes, and use the levers in interesting ways!

LECTURE (2016): Arranging Folk Music for Harp – a Bag of Tricks

In this lecture, Erik Ask-Upmark and Aryeh Frankfurter have revealed some of their tricks for creating and developing interesting and evocative harp arrangements – how to create intros, bridges, and outros and some useful ideas to create movement, lift and apply phrasing and dynamics to any traditional tune.

WORKSHOP (2016): Early Scandinavian Music And Accompaniment on the Harp

In this workshop, Erik Ask-Upmark took a break from his usual polskas, slängpolskas and schottisches, to focus on what came before! Together we explored different sources of Scandinavian music before the 17th century – that is, from the Viking, Medieval and Renaissance periods. The music included medieval ballads, longdances and other dance music, tunes from unique collections such as the Piae Cantiones, musical accompaniment to Viking poetry, and finally one or two “Polish Dances” (that went on to become the polska we all know and love) as well.

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