Corwen Broch

Corwen Broch (UK) is folk musician and maker of ancient instruments, such as ancient psalteries (gusli and kantele), various bowed lyres (Finnish jouhikko, Shetland gue, Welsh crwth), plucked/strummed lyres (such as the Trossingen lyre) and many more. For more information about Corwen Broch, click here.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2018, Corwen gave together with Kate Fletcher a workshop in song accompaniment without modern triadic chords. The workshop was aimed at lyre and kantele players, but applicable to all other instruments, and explored the possibilities of using diads, riffs, ostinato, drones and more.

Corwen also gave a lecture called “Ritual, Music and Magic in the Nordic Lands”: a cross-cultural look at medieval ritual/magical music traditions in the Nordic countries, with a focus on how aspects of Finnish and Sami traditions might shed light on Norse ones.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2016, Corwen gave an introductory workshop for the bowed lyre (Finnish jouhikko =  Swedish stråkharpa = Norwegian strykelyre) about playing and maintenance. (See example video). He also lectured about strummed or plucked lyres together with Stein Villa and Agnethe Christensen.

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