Clotilde Trouillaud

Workshop: Breton traditional music

Take a journey into the evocative and melodius world of traditional Breton music! With Clotilde, one of the most prominent Breton musicians, as our guide, she will teach melodies and different ways of accompaniment as well as improvising in a Breton style.

Trained by Brigitte Baronnet in Chateaubriant and at the  “Conservatoire National de Nantes” with Catherine Nguyen, Clotilde then took part in many musical experiences.

She created some shows for Breton festivals such as the festival Yaouank or for “Roue Waroch”, where she enjoyed a band experience with “Sylbàt”. For the first, in February 2007, she plays in a rather electric band. We discover an original repertoire and with very rock influence, inspired by the sound of bands such as Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Weather Report … while also being influenced by Celtic music since all the band members have also played traditionnal music throughout their careers. With Sylbàt, she gave many concerts during Summer 2008: Les Vieilles Charrues, le Festival Interceltique de Lorient, le Festival de Cornouaille … You can now regularly hear her in the harp trio “Les Fileuses de nuit”.

Thanks to all these experiences, Clotilde now offers her personal universe through a solo carreer based on the traditional Breton repertoire.

Clotilde Trouillaud is also a teacher and regularly leads workshops in France and abroad.



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