Teachers and workshops 2017

Musicians who have performed or taught workshops at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2017 in Viljandi:

Confirmed workshops:

Note: Before entering a workshop, make sure that your instrument is in tune.
It is an annoying waste of valuable teaching time if the first half of a workshop goes to tuning all your sevenhundred strings.


  • Overview of Estonian Traditional Instruments, with Kaisa Nõges (Estonia)
  • How to take care of your instrument, with Pepe Weissgerber (Germany)
  • Wiczlaw von Rügen – a minnesinger from the Baltic Sea, with Stefan Battige (Germany)
  • Development of small hiiu kannel for children, with Rauno Nieminen (Finland)

First announcement for 2017

Thank you all who came and participated in the phantastic, inspiring and successful Nordic Harp Meeting in Albertslund!
Next year, the Nordic Harp Meeting will be held -for the first time!- in Estonia.

Date: 19-22 October 2017
Place: Viljandi
Chief organiser and harp hero of the year will be Triin Hio.

More information will be updated here as soon as we know more…