2016 Niss (b) Indian music and Improvisation

With Niss Stricker


Niss Stricker (foto: Floris van der Meijs)

Indian music is based on the system of Ragas. Raga means “that which colours the mind” and this music has many colours at it’s disposal.

Based on 10 parent scales Indian music can sometimes seem foreign and exotic to the Western ear accustomed to tunes in only the minor or major key. The Indian scales have many emotional aspects that lie beyond the major/minor scales and the ragas are associated with complex emotions such as devotional love, valour and peace. This is why Indian music has an intrinsic therapeutic power and is often used for a healing purpose.

In this workshop you will learn about the colours of each note in the scale and how to play a raga on the Celtic harp. You will also learn the basics of improvisation within a raga.

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