First announcement for 2017

Thank you all who came and participated in the phantastic, inspiring and successful Nordic Harp Meeting in Albertslund!
Next year, the Nordic Harp Meeting will be held -for the first time!- in Estonia.

Date: 19-22 October 2017
Place: Viljandi
Chief organiser and harp hero of the year will be Triin Hio.

More information will be updated here as soon as we know more…

14th update: Registration is closed

For logistic reasons, the registration for the 2016 Nordic Harp Meeting is closed now.

This has to do with the with the amount of available space in the venue, and the amount of food that needs to be prepared by a limited number of volunteers. According to Maria Ojantakanen, there were surprisingly many registrations this year, more than we have expected. If you wanted to register today and are disappointed now, look forward to the Nordic Harp Meeting 2017 (the date and place will be decided by the end of next week).

Stay tuned and see you soon!