2019 workshops & lectures

The following workshops and lectures will be held at the Nordic Harp meeting 2019 in Gjøvik. We reserve the right to make changes until the definitive programme is printed. The time schedule is not ready yet, but will be available at the venue.
Please remember to tune your instrument BEFORE walking into a workshop.

Andy Lowings: South American music (workshop)
Andy wants to show you how to play a simple Paraguayan tune. With its catchy rhythms, South American music is quite possible to learn and is very good for your wider musical experience. Suitable for everyone.

Anita Wizina Nielsen: Introducing the Latvian folk instrument kokle.

Anouk Platenkamp: Nederfolk – Dutch Folk Music (workshop)
While relatively unknown even among the Dutch, traditional Dutch music has some lovely tunes to offer for the instrumentalist. Come and find out more and learn a Dutch tune! Some of the music was written down as far back as the 17th century, with some songs that even date back to the middle ages, but there is also more recent repertoire. For this workshop Anouk has adapted the music to be played on the harp, with a nice contemporary accompaniment to go with it.

Elisabeth Kværne: Dancing puppets and bouncing horses – an almost extinct part of the langeleik tradition (lecture/demonstration)

Erik Ask-Upmark: Fun with scales in Nordic folk music (workshop)
Yes, yes, I know – playing scales sound about as inviting as root canal work. But it doesn’t have to be! Erik will show you how to easily set your harp in a specific scale, or “key”, or “mode” – you will also learn the difference between these terms – and learn how to instantly get that “Nordic” sound in your playing! You’ll learn different modes from different regions and what separates them – and experience the totally different flavours they each create. We will also try out some improvisation in the Nordic style! Remember to bring a recording device/app.

Gøril Ramo Håve: Langeleik Tunes from Telemark, Norway (workshop)
The tunes from this region were long forgotten, until a few langeleik players, Gøril among them, dug into the archives and brought them back to life.
Suitable for all instruments!

Helena Wright / Stein Villa: Transferring fiddle tunes to the strykeharpe (jouhikko) and a discussion on tunings and playing techniques.

Heather Downie: Scottish Melodies (workshop)
We will focus on learning a traditional slow air together, and work on different arrangement options so there is something for everyone! If time allows we can finish in a flourish with a dance tune on the end!

Henrik Hummel Schön & Monica Schön: Cumulative folk songs (workshop)
We will teach some Swedish folk songs first and then we will jointly get entangled in different variants from different places and from different directions.

Kaisa Nõges: Estonian kannel tunes – not just for kannel! (workshop)
The kannel is the Estonian relative of the Finnish kantele. In this workshop, Kaisa will teach tunes from the Estonian kannel tradition, with transfer to the harp and other instruments.

Maria Ojantakanen: Piae Cantiones (workshop)
The Finnish song collection Piae Cantiones was published in 1582 and has since played an important part in the Finnish national identity and has inspired composers from Preætorius to John Rutter and Mike Oldfield. A significant part of the English Christmas Carols also consist of tunes from Piae Cantiones.
As the collection was compiled in order to document the catholic song tradition, the songs have roots all over Europe, some as far back as the 10th and 11th Century. This makes it unique, not only as a song collection but also as an interpretational and performative opportunity of 1000 years.
The workshop will present a number of songs, as well as suggest material for further self-study. All instruments and levels are welcome.

Ove Berg: The small kantele
Ove Berg will talk about, and demonstrate, the 5-string kantele.

Polina Sharonova & Sergej Azarov: Perform Russian!
Workshop about Russian folk traditions, singing and playing and learning one or two Russian tunes.

Rebecca Harrison: Nordic Tales (workshop)
Everyone is a storyteller, this workshop aims to help you see your own talents. Starting with the frame work of a Norwegian Medieval ballad, you will develop a story using techniques presented in the workshop.  If participants are interested, we can set additional workshops in the free time to further develop the stories and discuss using harp as a storytelling tool.   Please note, we are building the stories and discussing them in small groups, you won’t have to stand up and speak to an audience.
Level:  No experience necessary.
Please bring: Your imagination and creativity 

Stefan Battige: Let’s go medieval! One song and a short lecture.

Tim Rohrmann: Strange Music and Strange Places – Northern Stories from a Travelling Harper (workshop)
Tim invites you to an inspiring journey to special places all over the Nordic countries. He melts Celtic and Nordic influences with fragile sound patterns o his very personal style, and shares his approach to improvisation and composing new harp music.

Tone Hulbaekmo: Norwegian Harp and Lyre (lecture)
The mother of the Renaissance of the Norwegian Harp will play and tell about how she works with the Norwegian harp and lyre, how she explores their possibilities with various scales, ostinatos etc., and how to create your own “tradition” and playing style on an extinct instrument.
Tone will also teach tunes from her repertoire (but not within this lecture, but rather in the open space of the programme).

Turid Berge Endrerud: Langeleik Tunes from Valdres, Norway (workshop)

Václava van der Meijs & Josef Berger: Folk Tunes from the Heart of Europe
In this workshop, Václava and Josef will teach some of their favourite tunes from former Czechoslovakia (mainly from the regions Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia), where nearly every dance tune has also lyrics (mostly about love, death, alcohol, or a combination of the three).
We will be teaching the tunes and the accompaniment on harps, but in fact other instruments are welcome too. All tunes will be taught by ear, but sheet music can be provided afterwards.
Level: For the intermediate or advanced musician.

Yrjänä Ermala: Finnish folk songs (workshop)
Lesser known folksongs from Finland, both in Finnish and Swedish.
For all instruments and voices.