Tim Rohrmann

Rohrmann_Tim33reduz_117392Workshop 2019: Strange music and strange places – Northern stories from a travelling harper
Tim Rohrmann invites you to an inspiring journey to special places all over the Nordic countries. He melts Celtic and Nordic influences with fragile sound patterns o his very personal style, and shares his approach to improvisation and composing new harp music.

Tim is a German harp player and harp teacher who has developed a very personal style for more than twenty years now. His repertoire on the harp includes medieval and traditional folk music, as well as jazz standards and improvisation. He has been travelling widely in Scandinavia with his harp for many years, and his music is inspired by traditional folk music of the Celtic and Nordic countries as well as by travel adventures, magic places and the beauty of Scandinavian landscapes, e.g. Ales Stenar in Skåne or Jotunheimen in Norway, his “second home”. In his own compositions traditional elements are brought together with influences from jazz and world music. One of his special interests are connections and cross-over between Celtic and Nordic music: For example, he loves to transform a slip-jig into a polska and back again…

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2008 in Lund, Tim gave a workshop about how to use traditional folk music as a source for improvisation and composition.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2014 in Gjøvik, Tim gave a workshop how to make harp music out of a simple melody, looking at the wide range of harmonic and rhythmic possibilities of the (celtic) harp for transforming a (traditional) melody to a piece of harp music. He showed two different approaches: One coming from traditional celtic music, the other introducing modern influences. We looked at a traditional Norwegian, an Irish and a modern Swedish tune.

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