Workshops, Lectures, Storytelling and Concerts 2014

NOTE: Before entering a workshop, make sure that your instrument is in tune.
Time is music.

Workshops at the NHM 2014:
Andy Lowings (England): «Lyre music, African style»
Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland): «Icelandic music and instruments»
Bergljot Hedda Lunde (Norway): «Langeleik, advanced level»
Corwen Broch (England): «Making simple instruments»
Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden): «Swedish folk tunes played on harp»
Gunvor Hegge (Norway): «Langeleik for beginners»
Helena Wright (Finland/Norway): «Bowed lyre, Norwegian version»
Helka & Yrjänä Ermala (Finland): «Finnish folk songs»
Henrik “Hummel” Schön (Sweden): «Hummel – the Swedish langeleik»
Nancy Thym (California/Germany): «Blues and Rock ‘n Roll Riffs for harps»
Niss Stricker (Denmark): «Danish ballads and dance tunes»
Minna Raskinen (Finland): «Damping style in small kantele playing»
Ove Berg (Norway): «5-stringed kantele – toy or useful instrument?»
Patrik Weckman (Finland): «Bowed lyre, Finnish version»
Stefan Battige (Germany): «Harp for beginners»
Stein Villa and Marit Steinsrud (both Norway): «chamber music» 🙂
Tim Rohrmann (Germany): «How to make harp music out of a simple melody»
Václava van der Meijs (Bohemia): «Czech folk songs from Bohemia and Moravia»

Daniel Papuga (Norway): «Lyres and harps at Ringve museum»
Nancy Thym (California/Germany): «Strung out on metal, gut and nylon – pros and cons of different string materials. Historical and practical aspects of different stringing and the appropriate playing techniques»

Panel discussion of instrument makers:
“Reconstruction and/or repair of old instruments”: Panel discussion with instrument makers Bergljot Hedda Lunde (violin), Oddrun Hegge (violin and langeleik), Corwen Broch (early Northern European instruments), and Thilo Viehrig (violin, historical instruments). Topics that will be debated: When does a repair become a falsification? How much is destroyed during a restoration? When is it more sensible to build a reconstruction rather than repair an old instrument?

Storytelling by music:
Tone Holte (Norway) & Rolf Agaton (Sweden) & John Vedde (Norway): «Aud the deep minded – the long Journey»

Friday evening concert at Hoff church in Lena (20:00) with Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland), Tim Rohrmann (Germany), Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden), Nancy Thym (USA/Germany) and Thilo Viehrig Germany).

Saturday evening concert at the Hunn venue in Gjøvik (20:00) with many performers.

We reserve the right to make changes in the programme until the final version is printed.
Contact Stein if you have further questions (add +47 to the telephone number if you are calling outside of Norway):

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