Patrik Weckman

Patrik at the NHM 2008 in Lund (photo: FvdM)

Patrik has hitherto been playing jouhikko* at every single Nordic Harp Meeting.
* jouhikko (Finnish)
= stråkharpa (Swedish)
= strykelyre (Norwegian)
= bowed lyre (English)

Beside the jouhikko, Patrik plays also harp and nyckelharpa and bagpipes and fiddle and lots of other instruments. For one of the previous NHMs, he has identified and arranged some Finnish tunes which work well on the harp: Some medieval song melodies from the Piae cantiones collection, and some traditional fiddle tunes from the Finnish pelimanni tradition.

At the NHM 2014 in Gjøvik, Patrik gave a lecture about the history of jouhikko or bowed lyre generally, its last players, playing style and present situation.

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