2020 Programme

Friday, November 6th
Opening concerts with Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen and with Dråm.
19.00 Concert with Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen LIVE on YouTube
20.00 Concert with Dråm Live on Facebook

Saturday, November 7th

Material which can be downloaded from this website:
Helen Davies: research about a 18th century harpist in Copenhagen
Josef Berger: some traditional Nordic folk tunes, arranged for the harp

12.00 – 15.00: Workshops and lectures:
12.00 Chris Foster & Bára Grímsdóttir: Kvæðamannafélag Iðunn – the story of the organisation preserving and carrying on the poetic and music traditions associated with Icelandic rímur. (view the recording on youtube)
13.00 Anouk Platenkamp: Are you in for a zoom experiment?
No tune to learn in this workshop, instead we will create a story and music to go with it.
All instruments are welcome . We will divide in smaller groups, preparing a story and music on the fly, then get together and share our experience.
14.00 Henrik Schön: The Hummel – lecture with performance (first tune in D major)
15.00 Patrik Weckman & Maria Ojantakanen: The Bowed Lyre – a tune & some tradition (from e = jouhikko tuning: eAd, talharpa tuning: Aeae1)

16.00 – 19.00: Workshops and concerts:
16.00 Anna Rynefors: & Erik Ask-Upmark: Nyckelharpa tunes for all instruments (recording of the workshop: part 1part 2)
17.00 Yrjänä & Helka Ermala: Four Finnish tune workshops with Tulikoira (Antti Saarinen, Liisa Gunnelius, Helka & Yrjänä)
17.45 – Two new allspel tunes to learn for next year!
18.00 Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch (concert; recording on youtube)
19.00 Rachel Hair: workshop (strathspey and reel, harp tuning G major)

20:30 share-a-tune session on ZOOM (live).

Sunday, November 8th

11.00 – 14.30 Concerts and workshops:
11.00 Aryeh Frankfurter & Lisa Lynne: “A musical greeting from Oregon” (concert)
12.00 Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa (concert; recording on youtube)
12.30 A short NHM retrospective
13.00 Erik Ask-Upmark: “Two Swedish tunes for the harp, and one German” (recording: part 1part 2part 3)
14.00 Sue Richards workshop: “Stigvals” (recording: part 1part 2)

15.00-19.00 Workshops and lectures:
15.00 Mark Harmer: Composing using creative limitations. (recording on youtube)
16.00 Vincent Laine: Towards a pedagogy of the traditional Gaelic wire-strung harp. Historical research vs artistic research (lecture)
17.00 Modesta Pakalnytė: An introduction to Lithuanian sutartinės: vocal and instrumental multi-part songs (recording on youtube).
18.00 Beth Kollé: A Norwegian tune, “Sirivisa – a Nordic Gem” (download PDF here), (recording on youtube)

20:00 The Nordic Harp Social Meeting (and closing of the NHM 2020) on ZOOM (live).