Modesta Pakalnytė

Modesta Pakalnytė is from a small town called Biržai, located in the north in Lithuania’s Highlands (Aukštaitija), the heart of sutartinė. Her folk journey began with her starting History studies at Vilnius university in 2013, when at the same autumn She enrolled in the university’s folk group “Ratilio”. This was and still is a place, where Can be learned many subjects of Lithuanian folklore, singing, dancing, playing different instruments and much more. She became more familiar with sutartinės (multipart harmonious songs), which have a special place in her heart, as they originate from the Highlands. She also immensely enjoys playing sutartinės on traditional five string kanklės. Both instrumental and vocal sutartinės portray togetherness and individuality at the same time.

Along with Vincent Laine, Gaelic harp specialist and tradition music musicologist, she will offer a sung sutartinė workshop, demonstrations of five strings kanklės sutartinė playing and (optional) some group fun with sutartinė played on skudučiai ( Lithuanian one note panpipes).