2013 Programme

NOTE: Before entering a workshop, make sure that your instrument is in tune.
Time is music.

Thursday 31 October
14:00 Registration desk opens
16 – 18 dance workshop in European Bal Folk dances with Mikuláš Bryan (Bohemia) & Thomas Claus (Belgium)
18:00 – 18:05 welcome speech by Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden)
18:05 – 23+  socialising, jam session, dance, allspel & allsång.

Friday 1 November

8 – 9 breakfast
9 – 10  Demonstration of small kantele types by Kirsten Holm. (unfortunately cancelled)
10 – 12 workshops:
Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa (Norway): Norwegian folk tunes from the langeleik tradition (with transfer from langeleik to harp, and all other instruments)
Lise Enochsson (Sweden): Mind your spine – physiotherapy for harp players
12-13 Lunch
13-14.30 Lecture+concert by Bo Lawergren (Sweden/USA) & Tomoko Sugawara (Japan/USA): The first three thousand years of harp history in Eurasia
14.30-15 Fika
15-17 workshops:
Vincent Michaud (Brittany/Finland): Relationship between dance and music through the medium of gavotte bigoudenn (part 1: dance workshop, no prior knowledge required)
Yrjänä Ermala & Tulikoira (Finland): Finnish and Scandinavian folk music (for all instruments, intermediate to advanced level)
17-18 Dinner
18-19 workshop: Nordic tunes with Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden)
19-20 Evening concert
20-22 Dance
22-23+ jam session

Saturday 2 November

8-9 Breakfast
9-10 Lecture by FUNI (Iceland): The Icelandic langspil and its near relatives
10-12 workshops:
FUNI (Iceland): Icelandic songs (for all voices, instruments might get a go too)
Tristan LeGovic (Brittany/Sweden): Breton music for modern Celtic harp (interm./adv.)
12-13 Lunch
13-14 Mid-day Coffee Concert
14-16 workshops:
Vincent Michaud (Brittany/Finland): Relationship between dance and music through the medium of gavotte bigoudenn (part 2: the music, taught in ancient style on the wire-strung harp but open for all other instruments, intermediate to advanced level)
Mark Harmer (England): Improvisation and composition: How to make music
16-17 Afternoon Concert
17-18 Dinner
18-19 Allspel
19-21 Evening concert (with intermission for coffee)
21-22 Dance
23-?? jam session

Sunday 3 November

8-9 Breakfast
9-10 Lecture by Andy Lowings (UK): Lyres around the world
at the same time, in another room:
Lecture by Mark Harmer (UK): Harp music therapy in neonatal care
10-12 Workshops:
Anouk Platenkamp (Netherlands): Harp therapy
Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch (UK): English songs & ballads, with accompaniment on stringed instruments (intermediate/advanced level)
12-13 Lunch
13-15 Final concert / allspel / closing of NHM 2013 / cleaning of the school


Concerts on Friday and Saturday and Sunday with following performers:

Anouk Platenkamp (Netherlands), Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland), Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden), Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch (England), Lise Enochsson (Sweden) & Tristan LeGovic (Brittany/Sweden), Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa (Norway), Päivi Kuusisto & Lauri Keskinen (Finland), Tomoko Sugawara (Japan/USA), Tulikoira (Finland), Vincent Michaud (Brittany/Finland)


Barbro Osher Pro Suecia FoundationlogoThe Nordic Harp Meeting 2013 is made possible by financial support from the Swedish Arts Council (Konstnärsnämnden) and the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation. It will be arranged by Kulturföreningen Lejongap in cooperation with Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet.

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