Tristan LeGovic

Tristan LeGovicTristan LeGovic is a harpist from Brittany, now living in Sweden, who plays the modern Celtic harp. His inspiration comes from the heart of music, poetry, real or imaginary legends, as well as nature or daily – but never innocent – impressions. Rhythm and Harmony are the musical predominant elements in his music. See Tristan’s website for more information. On his blog, Tristan has recently published an interview with Erik & Josef about the Nordic Harp Meeting.

At the NHM 2013 in Järna, Tristan will give a workshop in Breton music on the Celtic harp. During this workshop we will explore the style of some of the main Breton dances as they are performed in modern Brittany. We will learn the tunes adding a bit of spice with a basic but accurate accompaniment with the left hand. We will work by ear as it is essential to do so in order to feel the proper swing of the dance. Since we all have ears, we all are able to use them, satisfaction guaranteed! Although this workshop is accessible from intermediate to advanced players, no previous knowledge of Breton music is required, just come and try!

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