Workshop descriptions added

Click here for an updated list of workshops, lectures, storytelling, and performing musicians 2014

The website has been updated with following workshop descriptions:
- Niss Stricker (Denmark): Danish ballads and dance tunes
- Andy Lowings (England): Lyre music, African style
- Minna Raskinen (Finland): Damping style in small kantele playing
- Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden): Swedish folk tunes
- Yrjänä and Helka Ermala (Finland): Finnish folk songs
- Václava van der Meijs (Czech Republic): Bohemian songs and Moravian songs
- Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland): Icelandic songs (focus on tvísöng) and instruments (Langspil and fiðla)
- Stefan Battige (Germany): Harp for beginners
- Nancy Thym (California/Germany): Strung out on metal, gut and nylon – pros and cons of different string materials (lecture)
- Nancy Thym (California/Germany): Blues and Rock ‘n Roll Riffs for harps (workshop)
- Tim Rohrmann (Germany): How to make harp music out of a simple melody
- Patrik Weckman (Finland): jouhikko, the Finnish bowed lyre: History and tunes

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