Lectures / demonstrations at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2016:

6 strings, 5 fingers, 1 voice: Mode, meter, text and harp in the performance of early medieval epic (Benjamin Bagby)

Arranging folk music for harp: A bag of tricks (Erik Ask-Upmark & Aryeh Frankfurter)

Hummel symposium: Similarities and playing techniques in drone zither instruments (hummel / langeleik / langeleg / langharpe / langspil / harpu / jouhisitra – with Chris Foster, Marit Steinsrud, Mikuláš Bryan, Stein Villa, Wilfried Ulrich and others)

“Lyra galore”: Playing techniques, comparisons and thoughts concerning the Kravik lyre, Novgorod lyre, Trossingen lyre, or other available lyre models (Stein Villa, Agnethe Christensen, Corwen Broch)

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