Wilfried Ulrich

Hummel for beginners and intermediate players

The instrument hummel was well known in Central Europe and Scandinavia since 1508 (the first mention in Cologne/Germany). The oldest painting is in the church of Rinkeby / Denmark (1560). You’ll find it with different names and spellings – hummel, hommel, langspil, långspel, långharpa, langeleik, langeleg, Scheitholt, vlier, noardske balke, épinette, kobza, and more.

To renew the interest in this wonderful instrument, Wilfried Ulrich built 10 student instruments, so people can make an initial course to find out what to do with such an instrument. Advanced beginners with an own instrument (tuning d-G) are welcome too.

Wilfried Ulrich. http://www.ulrich-instrumente.de

Wilfried Ulrich has been building dulcimer, hummel, scheitholt, hurdy gurdy, and other historical instruments since 1976. Ten years ago he made his master examination as instrument maker in Markneukirchen. Look at YouTube for ulricus1 to see him play the hummel.
For more information, visit his website http://www.ulrich-instrumente.de

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