2008 programme

Programme of the first Nordic Harp Meeting in Lund 2008:

– Kåre Lie (Norway): Traces of viking songs. Possible sources to the music of the Vikings
Stefan Battige (Germany): Historical harps and historical playing techniques
Stein Villa & Tone Hulbækmo (Norway): The Norwegian folk harp

Tone Holte (Norway): Kråkamål – et heltekvad i ord og toner om Dronning Åslaug (Kråkamål, a heroic poem in words and tones about queen Åslaug)

– “New harp revolution”: Unusual ways of playing the harp
– Nordic and Celtic traditions on the harp: Similarities, differences, connections

Basic workshops:
Stein Villa (Norway): Diverse playing techniques and some tunes on the lyre
– Christoph Pampuch & Isabelle Himmelrich (Switzerland): Harp for beginners without experiences
– Valentina Lorenz Cammans (Sweden): Harp for beginners with some practise

Specialised workshops (for more experienced musicians):
Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden): Folkmusikalisk danssväng på folkharpa – how to play polska and other Swedish folk tunes
Stefan Battige (Germany): Historical harps – historical playing techniques? Basics and possibilities
– Anna Kattainen (Finland): Finnish folk music on the kantele with transfer to the harp
– Kåre Lie, Tove Lie & Maja Marcussen (Norway): Traces of viking songs
– Lily Neill (Finland): Rhythmic and melodic right/left hand variations & techniques
– Lily Neill (Finland): New music with roots in the Celtic and Nordic folk traditions
Tim Rohrmann (Germany): Traditional folk elements and tunes as a source for improvising and composing
Stein Villa & Marit Steinsrud (Norway): Norwegian folk music with transfer from langeleik to harp

Tim Rohrmann (Germany): Travels through Scandinavia – Nature and magic places “played” on harp
Tone Hulbækmo (Norway): From medieval music via Norwegian folk music to modern songs
– Anna Kattainen (Finland): From archaic tunes to recent folkmusic of Finland
– Nordic Harps in Concert: Erik Ask-Upmark & Anna Rynefors, Stefan Battige, Tone Hulbækmo, Anna Kattainen, Lily Neill, Tim Rohrmann, Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa

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