Workshop material (2014)

Workshop material from Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster (+ some bonus):
Tvísöngur:Feigur Fallandason, Ó mín flaskan fríða, Mína þá, Kláus, Man ég þig mey

Workshop material from Tim Rohrmann:
Brian Boru’s March (Irish trad.)

Workshop material from Niss Stricker:
Tyge Hermansøn: 1. introduction + lyrics and 2. harp arrangement
Dronning Dagmars død (historical ballad), listen on youtube
Fremad (folk dance from Fyn)

Workshop material from Minna Raskinen:
Toinen hääpolska (trad. from Haapavesi, as played by Antti Rantonen)
Masurkka (trad. from Haapavesi, as played by Antti Rantonen) (youtube)

All tunes on this page are traditional and in the public domain, since their authors are dead for more than 100 years. The arrangements are work of the respective workshop teachers who gave permission to publish their workshop material here for download.

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