Third update 2019

Confirmed contributors to the Nordic Harp Meeting 2019:
Erik Ask-Upmark, Yrjänä Ermala, Triin Hio, Gøril Ramo Håve, Václava van der Meijs, Josef Berger, Rebecca Harrison, Ove Berg, Henrik Hummel Schön, Monica Schön, Stefan Battige, Turid Berge Endrerud, Marit Steinsrud, Heather Downie, Andy Lowings, Maria Ojantakanen, Kaisa Nõges, Tone Hulbækmo, Elisabeth Kværne, Tim Rohrmann, Helena Wright, Stein Villa.

More information about the workshops/lectures/etc will come soon.

Sixth update 2018: Programme booklet

You are welcome to download the official programme booklet (PDF). with detailed informations about the workshops, lectures, concerts etc. You will find also the latest time schedule in there, as well as information of how to get to the venue.

The Nordic Harp Meeting 2018 will start on Thursday, 1 November, with arrival and registration, opening concert and presentation of some participating musicians.

The doors of the venue (Kulturskolan Lund) will open for participants at 18:00.
When you arrive at the venue, if you have already registered your participation, you will receive a package with information, name tag, map over Lund and a small gift! If you can arrive by Thursday evening that is the best, since we have the most time then to get everything in order.

Also, please note that you don’t have to decide which workshops to take before hand, you’re free to decide that on the spur of the moment… The registration desk can be found up the stairs in the main entrance and directly to your left.