2022 Programme

This is the programme as we know it right now:

Billy Horne & Frank Berger: The long and winding road: Hurdy-gurdy maker and player. (A presentation of the Hurdy-gurdy as an instrument, from the perspectives of the luthier and the performer.)

Anna-Maria Toivonen: Let’s sing! Finnish music from ancient rune singing to newer folksongs (workshop)

Stefan Battige: Two medieval songs from a Baltic island (workshop)

Maria Ojantakanen: 10 Danish jocular folksongs from the collections of Evald Tang Kristensen (workshop for all levels and instruments)

Tim Rohrmann: Harp along Trollstigen. Weaving harp patterns and spooky sounds together (workshop)

Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster: How many notes does it take to make a good tune? (workshop)

Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen: Kantele workshop

Hiromi Hokkanen: Koto – a dragon with 1,400 years of history (Presentation of the Japanese Koto)

Helka Ermala: Elementary harp workshop

Helka & Yrjänä Ermala: workshop “Finnish Romantic Songs”. Not quite folksongs, but from an era when all the men were Clark Gables and all the women were Vivien Leighs.

Then we thought of a workshop where the participants could each in turn volunteer to teach a tune from their countries. If you think you have a groovy tune you could teach, please let us know!

Tim Rohrmann also suggests “Round and round we go”, i.e. a joint “samspel” with various roundabouts, singing and combining different accompaniment patterns.

Plus jamming, allspel, public concert with a raffle, etc.
Changes and additions may occur!