Some workshop descriptions added

A more detailed schedule has been uploaded in the programme of the NHM 2013.
You can read more details about some workshops and lectures by clicking the following links:
FUNI (Iceland): Icelandic songs  (workshop for voices, but instruments are welcome too)
Kirsten Holm (Denmark/Sweden): 5-string kantele instruments and the Finnskogen
Tristan LeGovic (Brittany/Sweden): Breton music for modern Celtic harp (intermediate to advanced level workshop)
Vincent Michaud (Brittany/Finland): Relationship between dance and music through the medium of gavotte bigoudenn (part 1: dance workshop; part 2: music, taught in ancient style on the wire-strung harp but open for all other instruments)

You can also read an interview (in Swedish) with Mikuláš Bryan (Bohemia) about recent European Bal Folk Dances which he will be teaching at the NHM together with Thomas Claus (Belgium).
Parts of this interview have recently been published in Hembygden 3/2013.

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