2012 Programme

Thursday evening: Local information about Pelimannitalo, open scene, socialising, eating, spelstuga (“Teach us your favourite tune!”), sessions.
Friday evening: lecture & concert, followed by allspel, dance, sessions … (Pohjola-Orkesteri, Yr Awen, etc.)
Saturday evening: Public concert with many performers on harp, kantele, lyre, jouhikko and more. Performers (both individually and in various line-ups): Arja Kastinen (FIN), Nancy Thym (GER/USA), Marit Steinsrud (NOR), Kate Fletcher (UK), Corwen Broch (UK), Erik Ask-Upmark (SWE), Vincent Machaud (BZH), Kari Dahlblom (FIN), Rauno Nieminen (FIN), Timo Väänänen (FIN), Thilo Viehrig (GER), Stein Villa (NOR) and MECI Ensemble (BOT/KEN/ZA/ZIM/FIN).
After that: Allspel, dancing, sessions etc.

Lectures with music/demonstrations:
Kari Dahlblom: Introduction to the Finnish Kantele Museum
Rauno Nieminen: Researching Museum Instruments by Building Them
Thilo Viehrig: The Warrior Bard – The well preserved lyre of a 6th century Alemannic chieftain from Trossingen, Germany
Pekka Toivanen & Yr Awen: The Unavoidable Recontextualization of Early Music, and its Impact to Performance and Research – An Advantage or a Problem?
Rauno Nieminen & Timo Väänänen: Ancient Lyres in Modern Context
Erik Ask-Upmark: The Polska in the Nordic Countries
Timo Väänänen: The Kindred of Kantele – North-East European and West Siberian kantele-like zither and lyre instruments, 16 different ethnic groups

Corwen Broch & Kate Fletcher: The Crwth and Other Lyres (all levels)
Mikuláš Bryan: Round and chain folk dances and their Renaissance ancestors: the practical approach (dance workshop)
Rauno Nieminen: Learn to play the jouhikko (all levels)
Wendy van der Meijs: Czech Folk Tunes for Harp and Other Instruments (intermediate/advanced players)
Kate Fletcher: Small Compass Instruments*: Sourcing repertoire and accompanying songs (all levels)
(* such as lyre, gusli, 5-string kantele etc)

Kari Dahlblom: Basics in playing the Central-Finnish Kantele (all levels)
Katri Tikka: and/or Anna Kattainen: Finnish folk tunes for harp 1 (beginners to intermediate)
Vincent Michaud: Wire-strung harp techniques (coupling hands and gracing) with possible transfer to kantele
Arja Kastinen: Different Scales and Improvisation on the Finnish-Karelian Kantele Replicas with Bronze and Steel Strings (all levels)
Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa: Tunes from the Norwegian Langeleik Tradition with Transfer to Harps, Kanteles and Other Instruments (all levels)
Mikuláš Bryan:  Playing & dancing the most common folk tunes rhythms: valse, scottish, mazurka, polka & more… (dance workshop)
Erik Ask-Upmark: Swedish Dance Tunes on the Harp
Nancy Thym: “Harp and Carp“ – Singing to strings (for all instruments)

Vincent Michaud: Introduction to Ceol Mòr, the great music of the Scottish clans
Katri Tikka: and/or Anna Kattainen: Finnish folk tunes for harp 2 (beginners to intermediate)
Corwen Broch & Kate Fletcher: Playing various bowed lyres (all levels)
Nancy Thym:  “Telling of Tales ” – How can I enrich stories with harp, song or other instruments?


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