Arja Kastinen

foto: Rimma Lillemägi 13.2.2012

Arja Kastinen (foto Rimma Lillemägi 13.2.2012)

Workshop: Small kantele improvisation connected to the runosong tradition

Arja Kastinen writes:
“I’m a kanteleplayer, made my artistic doctoral degree at the Sibelius Academy in 2000 about the 19th century Karelian kantele improvisation. I’m interested especially in the old tradition kantele improvisation connected to the runosong culture, which tradition bears roots back to at least 1500 or 2000 years. In this workshop we will connect the old small kantele plucking technique and the aesthetics of the runosong culture with improvisation.”

More information about Arja at her website.

Arja gave Karelian kantele workshops already at some previous Nordic Harp Meetings (in 2009 and 2012).

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