2010 programme

Programme of the Nordic Harp Meeting 2010 at Gjøvik (Norway):

Tone Hulbækmo & Sverre Jensen (Norway): Renaissance of the Norwegian harp
Bjørn Aksdal & Elisabeth Kværne (Norway): The langeleik – an unbroken link to the past
Pekka Toivanen (Finland): The Ob-Ugrian harp, its practices and its use in the Khanty bear ritual
Gjermund Kolltveit (Norway): The early lyre in Scandinavia
Kjersti Smedstad (Norway): The power of the harp in Norse literature of the High Middle Ages
Thilo Viehrig (Germany): The lyre-like gusli from Early Medieval Novgorod

Nancy Thym (Germany): The Icelandic Saga of Herrauðr & Bósi

Basic workshops (no prior knowledge required):
– Susan Enochsson (Sweden): Harp for beginners
Minna Raskinen (Finland): Kantele for beginners
– Turid Berge (Norway): Langeleik for beginners
Andy Lowings (England): Lyre for beginners

Specialised workshops (intermediate and advanced level).
You are advanced if you have been playing for some time and are able to pick up tunes by ear. (The “intermediate” level is somewhere between beginner and advanced.) The specialised workshops are not restricted to specific instruments, but focus rather on some aspect of music:

Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster (Iceland): The Icelandic folk tradition – Song, langspil and fiðla (intermediate/advanced)
Nancy Thym (Germany): Reconstructing a lost playing technique on the Norwegian krogharpe (all levels)
Turid Berge (Norway): Traditional Norwegian langeleik music (intermediate/advanced level)
Niss Stricker Jørgensen (Denmark): Danish ballads and songs with harp accompaniment (advanced level)

Susan Enochsson (Sweden): Musical modes in Nordic folk music (intermediate level)
Ove Berg (Norway): Music from the Finnskogen on the 5-string kantele (intermediate level)
Pekka Toivanen (Finland): The Early Harper’s Toolkit 1: Historical ornamentation (advanced level)
Niss Stricker Jørgensen (Denmark): Danish ballads and songs with harp accompaniment (intermediate level)
Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden): folkmusikaliskt danssväng – Swedish folk dance music (advanced level)

Minna Raskinen (Finland): Improvisation in Finnish kantele music (all levels)
Pekka Toivanen (Finland): The Early Harper’s Toolkit 2: Medieval harp tablature (advanced level)
Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster (Iceland): Singing and arranging music from Iceland (intermediate/advanced)

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