Registration 2020

We’re now delighted to open the 13th Nordic Harp Meeting for registration!

NHM2020 will take place from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th of November (The venue will be open from Thursday evening.) at Birkelundgard, Damgårdsvej 25, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark.

As you’re all aware, this years meeting will happen under the shadow of Covid-19. We do not yet know what that will mean exactly, save for two things; 1) the meeting will take place some way or another (online being the last resort)  and 2) we’ll need you all to stay tuned for changes! Therefore, a) read the information carefully (ask if anything’s unclear) b) make extra sure that the mail adresses and phone numbers you give, are valid and c) make sure to reply “ok” when asked to (RSVP), so that the arrangers can know whether information has reached you. 

In order to registrate, please do as follows:
STEP 1: Send a registration email (click for details)
STEP 2: Check that you get a reply within 4 days. (click for details)
STEP 3: Book your accomodation. (click for details)
STEP 4: When we contact you again, pay the registration fee. (click for details)