Accomodation + food

Hostel accomodation is not included in the participation fee. Please book your accomodation at the hostel of Gjøvik on your own: They have a variety of prices, depending on if you prefer a single room, shared room, a cottage etc, and of course the length of your stay. In your booking, don’t forget to mention that you are a participant of the Nordic Harp Meeting. The following beds / rooms / cabins are available and reserved for participants of the Nordic Harp Meeting until October 11th.

1 stk. 2 senger m/vask (2 beds w/washbasin)
3 stk. 3 senger m/vask (3 beds w/washbasin)
5 stk. 4 senger m/vask (4 beds w/washbasin)
4 stk. 10 senger leilighet (10 beds apartment)
6 stk. 2 senger hytte (2 beds cabin)
2 stk. 3 senger hytte (3 beds cabin)
2 stk. 4 senger hytte (4 beds cabin)
11 stk 2 senger m/bad (2 beds w/bathroom)
Price includes breakfast, linen, towels, internet and free parking.
Contact to the hostel:
Tlf: +47 611 71 011
UPDATE: Some participants tried to book their accomodation via the website of the hostel and got an automated message that the hostel was full. This is probably caused by some error in the computer booking system; instead, it is recommended to book by telephone or email given above.

Meals are extra.
The hostel of Gjøvik will also serve lunch + dinner Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. The price is NOK 110 for a lunch, and NOK 170 for a dinner. Please order your meals when you book the room.

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