Registration step 4

This year, the registration fee is to be payed somewhat later than the registration email. Please wait until you receive an update by email from Maria Ojantakanen, and then pay the registration fee as soon as possible.

Account number: 0400 4020960359
IBAN: DK9004004020960359
Bank: Lån og Spar
Account owner: Maria Ojantakanen

The fee will be 850,- DKK *) for the entire arrangement and 400,- DKK for one day only. Food is included in the fee: breakfast & lunch (Friday – Sunday) and supper (Thursday to Saturday).

(* At the time of writing (which was in 2020), 850 DKK corresponded to 114 EUR or 1200 NOK or 1172 SEK or 18378 ISK, but you please check the recent exchange rate when you make your payment.

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