Registration step 2: Personal information

When you have paid the registration fee, send following information to

  • your full name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • which instruments you are going to play at the Nordic Harp Meeting
  • which level you feel to belong to (beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional).
    The following definitions may help you to decide:
    a) You are consided beginner if you don’t know which string is C and which is F.
    b) You are considered intermediate if you no longer are searching strings,
    but need guidance to play a melody.
    c) You are considered advanced if you have been playing for some time
    and are able to pick up tunes by ear.
    d) You are considered professional if you earn money with your music…

Your registration won’t be valid until the arrival of your payed registration fee.

If you are travelling from far away, please consider to travel by train, or to share a car with other participants, in order to reduce the burden for the environment and your wallet. If you are on Facebook and would like to join the Nordic Harp Meeting group to get into contact with other potential drivers, please mention this in your email and Stein will add you to the group.

NOTE: Please send your personal registrations to the email address given above (instead of “leaving a reply” here below, because the latter is a public comment function and will remain visible for everybody)

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