Folk dance workshop

Workshop at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Albertslund 2016 with Vincent Michaud, Mikuláš Bryan, Minna Raskinen, Erik Ask-Upmark and others:

For those of you who possess 2 feet, 2 hands, 2 ears, and would like to join the dancing but don’t know how, we offer an introduction to some folk dances.

Vincent Michaud will be the maître de ceremonie of the dance evening. He will introduce you to two ancient Renaissance chain dances, the branle double and the branle simple, and offers also four Breton chain and round dances that are their direct descendants.

Mikuláš Bryan may teach you an English country dance after Playford, and perhaps also some finesses of the polka (a globalised Czech folk dance par excellence) as well as some popular bal folk dances.

Minna Raskinen, can always teach a huutokatrilli (Finnish quadrille where she shouts all instructions you need to know) and other Finnish folk dances.

Erik Ask-Upmark may teach you the Swedish långdans, and the slängpolska.

And finally, a very important dance is the Finnish letkajenkka (a globalised Finnish folk dance) because this is the favourite of chief organiser Maria Ojantakanen. Easy to learn, fun factor guaranteed.

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