If you are interested in plucked string instruments, you should visit the following places and museums and ask to see their harps/lyres/kanteles (most of which are not part of the public exhibitions, but stored somewhere in the collections)


  • Vikingelandsbyen in Albertslund: A small but fine Viking village near Copenhagen, where you can ask to see some replicas of Viking Age musical instruments made by the late instrument maker Viggo Bach Nielsen.
  • Danish Music Museum in Copenhagen: It stores a gigantic collection of musical instruments, including a considerable number of harps. Unfortunately, its exhibitions are closed to the public since December 2010, because the plan is to move the museum to new premises in the Royal Danish Academy of Music.




  • The probably largest collection of Nordic music instruments is hidden away in a museum in Stockholm, which has changed its name numerous times in the past years and most recently it is called Scenkonstmuseet (Swedish Museum of Performing Arts). Their gigantic instrument collection, including MANY interesting harps and other stuff, is not on on public display but hidden away. However, you can see some photographs of their specimens in the museum database. You will find the presumably oldest Norwegian folk harp there (dated 1681), as well as a number of diatonic harps made by Swedish instrument makers from the 18th century onwards, e.g. royal instrument maker Mathias Petter Kraft (who also made Bellman’s cither) and lots of other gems.

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