Instrument makers

Links to instrument makers in Northern Europe who manufacture harps, lyres, kanteles and related instruments:


Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch, musicians and instrument makers in Orkney, Scotland: Variety of musical instruments which were current in Northern Europe before around 1050 AD.


Kjeld Henrik Kjeldby, maker of historical music instruments in Askeby, Denmark: Lyres, harps, langeleiks, and many more.

Morten Fredberg-Holm, instrument maker in Copenhagen, Denmark: early medieval lyres, gusli, harps and more.


Yrjänä Ermala, artist, musician and instrument maker in Paattinen, Finland: harps, nyckelharpas, kantele and more.

Rauno Nieminen, instrument maker in Ikaalinen, Finland: jouhikko, kantele, lyre, horns, mandolines and more. He also made replicas of the Ob-Ugrian harp.


Gjøvik Spelmannslagets byggegruppa, Instrument making group in Gjøvik, Norway: Various Norwegian folk instruments (including harps and lyres).

Sverre Heimdal, instrument maker in Numedal, Norway: replicas of the Norwegian lyre from Kravik.

Gjermund Kolltveit, instrument maker and researcher in Fjellstrand, Norway: various lyres, based on archeological findings and medieval iconography.


Valentina Lorenz Cammans, harp teacher and harp maker in Göteborg, Sweden: Small Celtic harps.

Åke Egevad, instrument maker in Kristianstad, Sweden: Historical lyres, harps, and other ancient instruments.

Johan Hedvall, instrument maker in Rydal, Sweden: harps and various other instruments.

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