2011 Broby

The Nordic Harp Meeting 2011 took place at Broby Gamle Skole in Denmark.

Saxo Grammaticus, Olaus Magnus, Icelandic sagas and other sources tell us that plucked string instruments have been used in the North for dance music and in context with singing since medieval times. Therefore, the musical contents of the NHM 2011 focused on early music, on traditional tunes from Nordic countries, and the performance of ballads with both voice and plucked string instruments.

Notably Denmark, but all other Nordic countries and Britain as well, possess a rich tradition of ballads. These have the triple advantage that:

  1. they can be sung,
  2. they can be danced,  and
  3. they are easy to accompany on plucked string instruments, such as harps, lyres, psalteries and more.

Click here for the programme of the NHM 2011.

Read some quotes from participants of the NHM 2011.

The Nordic Harp Meeting 2011 was made possible with financial support from the Nordic Culture Fund and Gjøvik spelmannslag. It was arranged in cooperation with Folkekulturværkstedet Broby Gamle Skole (Denmark), Gjøvik spelmannslag (Norway), Malmös medeltidsförening Torsheim (Sweden), Musikkulturföreningen Kantele- och Kalevala Vänner (Sweden), Nordiska psalmodikonförbundet (Sweden), Finnish Harpist Society (Finland), and Teater Kontur (Sweden).

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