Some quotes from participants of the Nordic Harp Meeting 2011:

Bára Grímsdóttir and Chris Foster (Iceland):
The meeting afforded us a unique opportunity to meet fellow professional musicians, musicologists and enthusiasts involved with studying and playing traditional music and working with old instruments from a number of northern European countries. The informal discussions that we had gave us important insights and information that in particular, will feed into our ongoing research into the Íslensk fiðla. Furthermore, we met people at the meeting with whom we are keeping in contact and planning other projects. We are sure that we are not the only people doing this and in this way the Nordik Harp Meeting is providing an important seed bed for spin off contacts and projects.
We left with our heads full of ideas, new information and fresh insights and a feeling that 72 hours was just not enough time to cram in everything we wanted to do. We very much hope that we can continue to play an active part in the emerging musical family that is growing around Nordik Harp Meeting and we look forward to helping to consolidate its role as an important forum for the exploration and sharing of Scandinavian traditional instruments and musical traditions.
Finally, we would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who worked so hard in a voluntary capacity to organise this very successful meeting.

Nanna Beth Konglevoll (Norway/Denmark):
THANK YOU for a fantastic weekend! So much wonderful music, musicians, poetry, storytelling, and insight into the fabulous and exiting nordic-anglo-germanic traditions! I have found it most inspiring, and I have decided that I want to learn to play the harp, and maybe also in time the “Falsterpibe” (The ancient, “wild” clarinet-type instrument that Corwen brought) 🙂
(…) I would like to inform you that musical moments from the harp meeting can now be re-experienced in videos. I have now alltogether uploaded 21 videos from the harp gathering on youtube. You can find them on www.youtube.com; typing “nordic harp meeting” in the window/browser. (…) I hope you enjoy the musical memories!

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