2011 programme

Programme of the Nordic Harp Meeting 2011 at Broby (Denmark):

– Erik Axel Wessberg (Denmark): The viking age lyre and musical possibilities on 6 strings
– Maja Lillian Marcussen (Norway): Music at the Norwegian court between 1200-1340
– Trine Opsahl (Denmark): The power of harp music against sorrow and pain
– Göran Carlström (Sweden): Psalmodikon, a bowed monochord from Sweden
– Thilo Viehrig (Germany): Strings of medieval lyres

– Astrid Selling Sjöberg (Sweden) and the harps of Blekinge: Kung Byxlös
– Nancy Thym (Germany): Travelling harp ladies of the 19th century

Basic workshops (no prior knowledge required):
– Susan Enochsson and Sally Sehlin (Sweden): Harp for beginners
– Helena Tuupanen (Finland): Kantele for beginners
– Thor Ewing (England): Lyre for beginners
– Göran Carlström (Sweden): Psalmodikon for beginners

Specialised workshops: (The specialised workshops are not restricted to specific instruments, but focus instead on some aspect of music. You can participate either singing, or playing, or both. As an instrumentalist, you are considered “advanced” if you have been playing for some time and are able to pick up tunes by ear. The “intermediate” level is somewhere between beginner and advanced.)
– Mari & Harald Foss (Norway): Medieval ballads from Telemark with voice, harp and lute
– Thor Ewing & Anne Marie Summers (England): Scop and Skald – Poetry and music from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking world
– Nancy Thym (Germany): Music of the travelling harp ladies
– Helka & Yrjänä Ermala (Finland): Ballads and songs from Finland with voice, harp and flutes/pipes.
– Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster (Iceland): Icelandic tvísöngur, rímur, sagnadans and other story songs
– Chris Foster & Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland): English ballads with voice and guitar
– Falsterpiben (Denmark): Danish ballad dance with voice and feet
– Niss Stricker Jørgensen (Denmark): Danish ballads with voice and harp
– Sally Sehlin (Sweden): Scottish ballads with Scandinavian ingredients, and Scandinavian tunes with British flavour. For all instruments including voices
– Marie Länne Persson (Småland): Ballader & sånglekar: Swedish ballads and song dances

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