Triin Hio 2018

Workshop: Estonian folk dance tunes with Triin Hio & Kaisa Nõges
At the workshop we learn to play some folk tunes for dancing. These folk dances were popular in Estonian villages at the beginning of 20th century and are still danced at Estonian folk festivals and at “Tantsuklubi” (folk dance evenings). We will also learn to dance the way it might have been at Estonian village parties a hundred years ago. All instruments are welcome to join the workshop. The tunes are taught by ear  (and are easy to follow for the intermediate students).

Workshop: Therapeutic Harp Music with Triin Hio & Anouk Platenkamp
An introduction to playing therapeutic music on the harp. The class lets students experience the different modes that are used to create a mood for the listener. Students will learn the basics of improvising in the modes.This special therapeutic harp music workshop will also give you some insight in essential oils and how the music and the oils can work together for therapeutic benefit. Anouk will teach the basics of therapeutic harp music going over the modes to use to help relax and soothe. Triin will explain the benefits of several essential oils and how to use them. It’s the perfect workshop for tired hands, since you will be giving and receiving a hand massage to complete the experience.