Modes and emotions

This was the workshop about therapeutic harp music with Anouk Platenkamp at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2012:

The class lets students experience the different modes that are used to create a mood for the listener. Students will learn the basics of improvising in the modes. All of it is complemented by the personal experiences of playing therapeutic music in different setting that Anouk will share, and tips and tricks she has learned over the years.

More details:
Harp players get asked regularly to play for people that are ill of have a (mental) disability. The harp can have a big effect on these people. From personal experience I know how people with Alzheimer’s disease that normally roam the halls of the care facility they are in, will come and sit down to listen to the harp. Harp music can help them relax.
The International Harp Therapy Program in the USA has been around for years and teaches harp players to use improvisation and modes to create soothing music. In this workshop we will work with the basic principles of the IHTP. We will work on getting to know the different modes and how to improvise on them, in order to be able to adapt the music to the person you play for.

What will be taught in the workshop?

  • short background of the IHTP and the therapeutic use of the harp
  • the modes and the effect they have on the listener
  • basic principles of improvisation in the modes
  • left hand patterns for improvisation

What do I need for this workshop?

  • A harp because we will be playing a lot during this workshop.
  • Pen and paper to make notes.

At the end of the workshop you will take a hand-out home with the most important information that was taught during the workshop.

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