Help yourself: Posture, self-evaluation and massage

with Pedro Costa

Bad posture affects almost everyone at one time or another, but especially those of us who spend a great part of the day in the same position and those who perform many repeated movements; musicians tend to do both and adding to that there is also the carrying of the instrument which gradually takes a toll on your body.
With bad posture comes bad habits, tiredness, pain and loss of performance; in this workshop I will be giving you some tips on how to find the posture that is appropriate for you, how to evaluate your problem areas and how to ease the pain with both stretches and self-massage in order to help you regain that healthy posture that will allow you to get the most out of your music playing.

Pedro Costa was born in Portugal in 1985. He attended the Portuguese School of Massage and Applied Motor Skills in Lisbon where he graduated in several areas such as Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Massage, Swedish Massage (including Deep Tissue Massage), Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (Vodder Method), Joint Mobilization and Chair Massage.
In his work in Physical Therapy clinics he has dealt with some of the most common household/work/chronic injuries, sports injuries, surgery preparation/recovery and conditions of the elderly.
Moved to the Netherlands in 2012 where he started his own massage practice. Married to harpist Anouk Platenkamp, he has become involved in the harp world and gained a better knowledge of the health problems that commonly affect musicians.

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