Nordic Harp Meeting 2022

The 15th Nordic Harp Meeting took place in Turku, Finland, 20-23 October 2022, organised by Antti Saarinen, Helka Ermala and Yrjänä Ermala.

The official programme of the NHM 2022

A more detailed list of workshops and presentations, with links to each teacher and performer

Lots of thanks to Jouni Kenttämies from the Audiox Harp Rental shop who, besides providing rental harps and participating in the event, also sponsored us significantly! Please use his services in the future!

The venue is an old manor house in the area called Raunistula near Turku Bus station. It`s a lovely area with lots of old wooden architecture, within walking distance from the centre of Turku. The bus line no. 1 runs there from both the ferry terminals and the airport about once every 10 -15 minutes daily, with the bus stop about 150 m from the venue. The no. 1 bus also runs past the Youth Hostel and the city centre.