Leah Stuttard


Leah Stuttard (UK/France) is a medieval harpist, singer, composer and arranger who has played the medieval harp for almost 20 years in many known ensembles. Her recent work in a duo with Agnethe Christensen (Denmark/Sweden) allows her to explore the possibilities of female voices in combination with medieval harp, kantele and gusli.

For more information, visit Leah Stuttard’s website: http://www.leahstuttard.com.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2016, Leah gave a workshop about medieval dance tunes from the Gresley manuscript (example on youtube):
“I would like to look at medieval dances and how to build a performance from simple melodic material. Our main source for tunes will be the Gresley manuscript from late 15th century Derbyshire, in the centre of England. We will look at some simple but important damping techniques, so necessary for clarity when playing the bray harp (but also very good to use on all sorts of harp!) It would also be good to consider different ways to create a satisfying suite of tunes, including using repetition, varying styles of accompaniment, improvisation.”


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