2015 Katja Nyuppieva

Katja Nyuppieva

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2015 in Turku, Katja Nyuppieva was teaching folk singing and songs of her native Livvi-Karelian tradition. This music has its roots in ancient Karelian and Finnish rune singing, but the later influence of Russian ballads and lyrical songs makes it even more exotic. Southern Karelian culture was also influenced by other Finno-Ugric people living around the area.

Livvi language is fun especially for Finnish or Estonian native speakers. There was also a basic training for Karelian traditional singing manner, timbre and voice formation. The workshop focused on variations, melody and harmony patterns in Livvi-Karelian tradition, to see how the features of Russian folk polyphony weave into ancient Karelian runic melodies: Songs were typically performed in social situations by a group of singers, mainly women, and everyone could join or stay quiet at any moment.

Participants learned several songs and their typical voicing variations. Ultimately, the purpose was just to sing together and enjoy, trying to sound as traditionally as we can.

The workshop is mainly intended for people who will come to sing. It does not require any specific vocal skills, so instrumental players may take a break from playing and enjoy the social singing atmosphere. However, some improvised instrumental accompaniment would be appreciated, especially on small kantele, jouhikko/bowed lyre and similar instruments. Harp players may learn new melodies, and possibly practice unusual playing techniques based on traditional kantele playing.

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