2009 programme

Workshops which were held at the Nordic Harp Meeting in Turku 2009:
Basic workshops (no prior experience required)
– harp for beginners (teachers: Katri Tikka, Sally Sehlin and Václava van der Meijs)
– Karelian kantele improvisation (Arja Kastinen)
– How to build and play a hurdy-gurdy (Billy Horne)

Intermediate level workshops (somewhere between beginner and advanced level):
– Bulgarian tunes on the kantele (Emmi Knuutinen)
– jouhikko (Pekko Käppi)
– easy tunes on the harp (Václava van der Meijs)
– Groovy trad: tunes from Normandy with cool arrangements (Arjuna Raphael Pinel)
– Norwegian tunes on langleik and harp, with transfer to kantele (Marit Steinsrud & Stein Villa)

Advanced workshops (you are advanced if you have played for some time and are able to pick up tunes by listening):
– Finnish pelimanni music, arranged on the harp (Lily Neill)
– Finnish folk songs on the kantele, with transfer to the harp (Anna Kattainen)
– Paraguayan harp music (Salla Hakkola)
– The Creative Harper’s Toolkit: Rhythm, odd/asymmetric rhythms and improvisation (Arjuna Raphael Pinel)
– Musical Heritage of Al Andalus: Sephardic and Arabian tunes from 15th century and onwards (Sally Sehlin)

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